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WELCOME to TST Support Services, an individual-centered home agency put in place to support housing services which helps service users have the ability and confidence needed in building their lives in the society.

We help service users in our care find the ability and confidence needed in building their lives in society. Our professional care givers work to support our users by putting their needs first. At TST Support we aim at helping our service users understand and manage their symptoms by supporting them develop the abilities needed to adjust and live their lives freely. In order to achieve this we endeavor to work closely with our service users.

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At TST Support Services Ltd., our activities is driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our service users, and not by the admiration of staff, management or other groups.

Individual Care Package

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Care at Home

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Live-in Care

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Our History

TST support is privately owned and dedicated to providing the best supported and domiciliary care. TST is registered and regulated by CQC. Our support and agency are aimed at working as a team with trained professionals as presented by the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

TST support provides users with a safe, pleasant, hygienic environment with everything our user needs to feel comfortable

We have a welcoming surrounding, friendly colors that pleasant to the eyes, roomed are well equipped and roomy. It is our wish to make our users feel at home at all times. The garden has been groomed and always taken care of to welcome the beauty of nature.

We love our users to always have a smile on their faces and always feel care for. One of the many ways we achieve this is by encouraging creativity and art. Our users are allowed to add their unique touches to their rooms with accessories and decor the way they want it.

Our care service is designed to match user's desires, be it 2hours of support a day for the supervision of medication, 4 hours for supervision and personal care support, or even a full-time support service.

To deliver a successful service we make sure our staff is readily available and prompt at any given time to work together with our users.

We Offer Quality and Affordable Service To Everyone.

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