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At TST Support, every service user gets a say in where and whom they live with. In partnership with either a housing association or a private landlord our service user is given a property together with a staff to work in line with user’s needs.

We prioritize the comfort service users and ensure the support an individual receives matches their needs. Change in the process are easily adapted and support is given. Our primary objective is to help every individual live their lives to the fullest. .

Every individual is unique and that is why we adapt the individual-centered approach. The results gotten enables us work with individuals to determine their needs, wants and aspirations. We then give them the support they need to achieve these.

Using Principles of TST Support, Our Staff helps:

  • - Understand the terms and conditions of tenancy agreements, they strictly adhere to it including maintaining the homes and budgeting.

  • - build relationships so as to make the person a valued member in their community

  • - Improve and support the the independence of individuals' travel skills where needed.

  • - Assist individuals in accessing local and wider community facilities.

  • - Oversee personal care, managing and administering medications

  • - Support spare time activities for individual and lifelong learning.

  • - Assist the individual to get training and employment

  • - Improve the person's hygiene, living skills which includes cleaning, cooking and shopping

  • - Help boost person's confidence and independence by allowing them make their own decisions about life.

  • - Support individual apply and achieve appropriate benefits.

We Offer Quality and Affordable Service To Everyone.

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